I say things the way others don't, and I blend concepts together the way others can't.

I'm interested in the ways people, buildings, and transportation come together. The communities we live in are shaped (and reshaped) by lots of individual decisions, and as a result, the different people and things in a community are constantly interacting with one another in new and surprising ways. I explore these relationships in order to make our communities stronger and more enjoyable places to live, in three ways:


I write about the ways design and planning shape our communities. My monthly column "Cityscape" appears in Washingtonian Magazine, and my work has appeared in publications including the New York Times, CityLab, and the Washington Post.


I'm an agent at Living in Style Real Estate, a boutique real estate firm in the DC area. I work with a lot of first-time homebuyers and specialize in walkable/bikeable neighborhoods, as well as communities in Silver Spring and eastern Montgomery County.


I'm an urban planner and trained architect who works with communities all over the United States to design streets and public spaces. From Michigan to Florida, I've found innovative ways to make places safer, more vibrant, and more economically productive.